Lindsay Abrams


I'm a digital-first journalist dedicated to changing the future of media through journalistic practice and human-centered design.

Until recently, I could be found at Matter Ventures, where I got my start as a 2017 Google News Lab Fellow. As Associate Producer for Media and Program Operations, I ran our external media strategy and assisted with the sourcing and training of early-stage, mission-driven media startups.

A former reporter and editor, my pivot to media innovation began at New York University's Studio 20 program, where, as a Master's candidate, I worked with's off-platform storytelling team in a project aimed at understanding how media organizations can prepare their newsrooms to impart valuable, trustworthy information in platform-native formats. You can read about my findings—where else—on Facebook.

Also at NYU, as the project manager for a collaboration with The Wall Street Journal, I lead a 12-person team in an effort to research, prototype, and test new ways to reach younger, less financially literate readers. I honed my video and web production skills through the creation of Finding Sanctuary, winner of the 2017 CPOY Award of Excellence for Online Multimedia Storytelling.


I'm always looking to be in touch with people working at the intersection of journalism, technology and design. If that's you, give me a shout on Twitter or shoot me an email.